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Who Are We?

We are two young individuals who are seeking to reap the benefits of the virtual world. We are passionate travelers who would not leave any opportunity to pack bags and venture out. To that extent, we are looking at ways we can virtualize ourselves professionally and hence we are here to offer our services in whatever manner we can. One of us is a qualified engineer and a management graduate while other being a chartered accountant, we like to explore, experience and evaluate the world through our own senses.

But that is not where it ends. As much as we like to explore and experience, we like to spread the word about it - whether writing about it on our blog, publishing articles on other web-pages, contributing on the various portals,  talking to friends or posting on social media. We like to interact with other thinkers and writers and share notes with them. We are equally enthusiastic about helping others in ways we can - helping potential travelers with itineraries, guiding prospective b-school candidates through their admissions, discussing politics with those interested or anything else under the sky.

This makes us the best medium to talk about your brand, blog or offering.

What do we have in store?

The blog has a history of over a decade - started with a travel diary and medium of expressing for a young traveler - and has today grown into a source of information and guidance for a large number of travelers, students, and passionate readers. One of the authors of the blog is a professional management consultant who helps organizations develop their business strategies - including marketing approaches and brand popularity initiatives. In fact, brand risk management is one of the specialties of Tarun. With an engineering and a management degree from most reputed institutes, he has the credentials to bring the right information for your consumption. The other author is an artistic marvel and loves to incorporate aesthetics in all she does. Being a chartered accountant, Priya is the expert on all topics speaking money - all the things that most of us are interested in. She is behind all the glitter that this blog has and is the brainchild behind its look-and-feel. Of course, her contribution isn't limited to the visuals - she is the inspiration behind a lot of content and an active contributor to a lot of it.
To know more about the authors please visit About Us - Your Authors
We have a monthly audience in five-digits across our blog and various social media platforms. We aggressively promote all our posts and try to get the word out - as wide and deep as possible. We also spend adequate time in interacting with our audience both online and offline. So we can definitely help you take your message around - to an audience focused on the topics you are interested in and looking for various brands and recommendations.

How can we work together?

When you look at how we can collaborate together, for the benefit of fellow netizens, the sky is the limit. There is no bound on how we can work together and we are always open to various ideas you may have - the farther away from the box, the better 😃

Some of the common avenues are:
  • Product Reviews and Sponsored Posts - Whether you are a service provider, hotel, restaurant, place of tourist interest, technology provider or anything else - if you would like your prospective clients to hear an impartial voice about your offering, we are here to help. We would do an exhaustive review of your service offering and would document a detailed review on our blog. We would offer you all rights to use the content on the article for your marketing material and any other help or support you may need. 

  • Video Inserts and Campaigns - If you like any of our articles and would like to insert a video clip or another campaign material within a specific post or entire blog, we are open to the idea. Do reach out to us with the specific area you would like us to showcase your product and we would discuss on how best to leverage our space and your product/service to bring out a fruitful message for the audience. 

  • Social Media and Online Campaigns - We are available on every leading social media platform - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the Google+......the list keeps getting longer. On each of these platforms, we have a healthy following with engaged audience. This provides a captive set of listeners ready to absorb your message. We would love to collaborate with you if you have a marketing campaign coming up and would like to spread the word around. 

  • Freelance Writing - This is where we think lies the best potential for us to work together. Whether you have a blog, portal or magazine, whether you are looking for some academic support or whether you would like support on any other form of a write-up, we are there to help. We would be happy to engage with you on various topics and prepare well researched and articulated documentation of view on those topics. Some of the topics that we think would work best are:
    • Travel and Tourism Articles
    • Management and Business Related Topics
    • Politics and Current Affairs
    • Interesting Curios 

What is the non-negotiable?

As far as collaborations go, we really do not want any limits - we believe that creativity is best left unbounded. We are open to discussing any ideas that you may have and are committed to making it work. However, there still are some things which are non-negotiable for us, and if we are to work together, we would really appreciate if you help us maintain that.

There isn't a long list, in fact, there is only one. We are very particular about the quality of what we talk about. The credibility that we have built over the years is solely riding on the foundation of our quality content and mindful advice we have offered to our audience. So hopefully, you would acknowledge and understand when we say that we would not like to deceive our audience in any way and hence any collaboration with us needs to be a professional, quality driven and based on the first-hand experience based.

Of course, these serious talks aside, what is important is to have fun in all we do because that is where it all started.

How to reach us?

Drop in a word at our Email ID below and we would reach out to you very soon - really very very soon. We really appreciate the opportunity to work with you and take your offer seriously.


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