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How do you describe two humans bugged with wanderlust, who come together, fall in love and then begin a lifelong journey – whatever destinations come on the way are just the milestones to a higher peak!
That is us – Priya and Tarun – together making stories about the beautiful world that we live in. Ohh yes, let’s begin with introductions first!

Priya – The Artistic and Aesthetics Behind Tripping Tourist

Tarun – The Blabberer on Tripping Tourists

This is Tarun – a Manager with a leading consultancy firm and a traveler at heart – yeah probably that is why our hearts captivated each other! Well the less you say about him, the better 🙂 But he is the one who follows the cues from Priya and ensures her plans are executed well and things are smooth to the extent possible. While Priya is the face of the blog, Tarun is the words behind it.This is Priya – a carefree soul who loves to cook and travel. A chartered accountant by qualification and a traveler at heart, Priya is the perfect companion one would look for on their journeys. A passionate person and lover of perfection, she is the inspiration behind most of our sojourns. The guiding force behind TrippingTourists, she is the one who is responsible to dig out the best of the destinations in the country and across the globe and then plans out the entire tour. She is the artistic director of this website and ensures what you see looks good and attracts you to the destinations we visited.

Tripping Tourists – Together Creating Stories from Across Globe

Together we make the Tripping Tourists – a perfect title that could describe us and our passion 
for travelingOn the roads, in the train or up in the sky – that is what our default state is – it is where we are most comfortable in life. Usual home-stay office-work characterized “usual life” is just a means to the end for us. The beautiful creations of nature are worth appreciating and you need to experience them yourself for that. Traveling for us is relaxing, educating, enchanting and illuminating – not to forget avenues of bringing us closer. It offers us such a varied experience in life which is no way possible in the one-city office-home network. And so we have let loose quite frequently to get into our normal state of escaping the base on every opportunity in hand.
And when you travel you would obviously want to share. What good is an experience if it is not passed onto others. Trust us every traveler feels that way – some choose to do this verbally while others like us tend to leverage every available media to rant out what they witnessed and opt to blabber about all that they know.
So, living up to this self-professed philosophy, we present to you this corner of the world of the internet dedicated to our travel experiences. You may read them to plan your trips, or to choose your destinations or to quench your curiosities or simply to humor my effort. They may be useful or futile, interesting or head-aching, inciting or passivating – but they are ours and they are what we have seen or felt and hence dear to us. And we bring them to you with all love and sincerity and hope you reciprocate the feelings. All we ask from you is to comment your feedback (good, bad or ugly) and share if you like them.

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