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Danang, Vietnam - Amazing Five Things to Experience

We did a Vietnam tour in the Summer of 2023 as part of our annual summer vacation ritual. It is a wonderful country and offers a diverse set of experiences. Danang was our second destination on the trip. We picked it to bring in a beach destination within our itinerary. Danang is in the central part of the country and was also a logical next destination after Saigon. In this article, we bring to you five unmissable experiences in Danang. To know more about our entire Vietnam Trip in a nutshell (including where we stayed and what to be careful about), please visit our article 

Danang - An Overview Danang is another modern city in Vietnam after Saigon. The city is famous for its beaches, sky scrappers, and great culture. Danang is a vibrant and energetic city and offers wonderful solace after the rushed life of other big cities. The city enjoys a long shoreline with the East Vietnam Sea and the Han River flows through the city - sometimes parallel to the shoreline. This combination gives a unique perspective and aura to the city and we loved the overall outlook.
This Chair and This View - Danang For You

Top Five Experiences in Danang

Danang is a relatively laid-back town in terms of its offerings and allows you to relax. We spent two days in this town and loved the vibes. Here are our recommendations for experiences in Danang that you should not miss.

1. Unwind on the Beaches

There are a number of beaches in the city and each is as beautiful and clean as you would like. We were staying right by the My Khe beach so we spent maximum time there. It is a pristine clean beach and is popular with tourists and locals alike. Early in the morning, it is a great place to catch a charming sunrise. Equally charming is the sunset opposite the sea where the clouds end up forming unique perspectives. While My Khe covers the southern coast, there is another beach called Bien Thanh Binh Beach on the northern coastline. Both beaches offer tranquility and opportunities for some water sports. There are vendors available for snorkeling or surfing at both beaches.

City Skyline from the Waters

2. Checkout the Bridges - Dragon & Han River

There are four different bridges across the Han River in Danang. Out of these, the Dragon Bridge has become the face of the city in some ways. It is a bridge with the beast formed in yellow over the beams. This is also the largest bridge in Vietnam. On weekends, there is a special fire and water show where alternative fire and water emerges out of the dragon's mouth. This is a sight to behold and hundreds of tourists gather to catch a glimpse.


Another bridge called the Han River Bridge, is also gaining popularity because of its amazing lighting. There is an amazing vibe below the bridge where local vendors offer kid's activities. It has become a hang-out place for tourists and locals alike. The entire stretch from the Han River Bridge to the Dragon Bridge is lined with cozy cafes and glittering lighting. It makes a good walk from one bridge to the other with a stop for a cold coffee in the middle.


3. Visit the Theme Parks - Sunworld Bana Hills and the Golden Hand Bridge

Danang is home to a number of theme parks that provide the adrenaline rush to those interested. One of the most popular ones is Sunworld Park in Bana Hills. This is particularly famous for the Golden Hand Bridge, one of the most Instragrammable locations in Vietnam. It is located about half an hour away from the city center and is worth a day's tour. There is a maze of cable car systems, considered the smartest in the region, which takes you up to various levels of the theme park and brings you back to the ground. There are also a few rides and an indoor arena to keep you engaged.
Golden Hand Bridge at Bana Hills

Castles at Bana Hills
We spent an entire day wandering around the mountains and its offering. We loved the experience and had great fun. In case you are visiting, keep an eye on the weather. Strong winds or heavy rainfalls lead to the closure of the park because of safety concerns. Also, the roller coaster ride is very popular and sees huge lines so you may want to get done with it earlier. The food complex is pretty vast and you get almost all the international cuisines up there - obviously at highly inflated prices. There is another Sunworld theme park within the city which has this giant wheel and some other rides. If you have additional time at hand, this would interest you.

Our Celebrity Posing his Signature Style

4. Explore Marble Mountains

Marble Mountains is a range of five mountains that were a source of marble in ancient times. These five hills have been named after the five natural elements of Earth. These are well-regarded mountains and a famous pilgrimage site for locals. In earlier times, rulers of the region would visit these mountains if they were in the area or were passing through here. Only one of these 5 mountains, Thuy Son, is open to tourists as it is the easiest to climb. From the top of these mountains, you could enjoy breathtaking views of the sea and look as far as the My Khe Beach.

Marble Mountains are located towards the south of Danang City and are on the way to Hoi An. If you are visiting Hoi An, you could club a visit to these mountains with it. Also, this is an exerting visit and involves a lot of hiking. While you could avoid the major climb using an elevator (priced modestly) but there are still a lot of stairs from one cave to another. Preferably visit in the mornings, carry water, and pace yourself to stay energetic. Additionally, if you have more interest in cave systems, Hoa Nghiem Caves are a part of the trails on the Marble Mountains. This is a separately ticketed site just beside the Marble Mountain entry and you will not miss this.

Marble Mountains

5. Experiences in Danang include the Culture, Vibe, and Shopping

Danang reflects the rich culture that Vietnam as a country offers. While this is an upcoming modern metropolis but you can feel the tradition and culture ingrained in that development. We recommend spending time around the city on foot to absorb that culture. There is a fun vibe to the city and hence you can find various activities around the city at various squares.

Have FUN is the Message

There is also a great shopping culture out there in Danang. You get such a diverse set of options to spend your money and get stuff. There is a touristy Night Market which happens right opposite the Dragon Bridge where you can pick souvenirs or toys for kids. It is pretty spread out and big enough to offer a good variety. You can try your haggling skills pretty well here as mark-up prices are well-inflated. There there is another extreme where we have shopping malls like Vincom Plaza. This mall is right at the entrance of the Han River Bridge and most brands have an outlet here. If you are looking for something more economical on the clothes front, you could try the fashion street at D Le Duan which is the extension of the Han River Bridge. There are a number of stores available there for you to pick decent clothing. We did pick some gifts for the family. However, overall if you are covering all of Vietnam, Hanoi has the best markets for shopping.

Night View of Han River Shore

Other Experiences in Danang

Danang offers a lot more to explore than what the above five experiences cover. These are some of the ones that we did and would recommend not to miss. Also, if you have only two days in Danang than you may be able to cover only these. If you have more time, you could try visiting the below sites which are pretty high on tourist maps as well:
  • Son Tra Mountain Range - The Son Tra Peninsula, also called Monkey Mountain, lies on the northeastern side of Da Nang and is sprawled across an enormous area of sixty kilometers. 
  • Lady Buddha Statue - Lady Buddha is a phenomenal 67 meters tall white statue that stands high in the Linh Ung Pagoda courtyard in the Son Tra Peninsula. You could have a peek from My Khe Beach though.
  • Temples and Pagodas - There are many temples and Pagodas around the city if you would like to take a spiritual tour.
  • My Son Sanctuary - My Son Sanctuary, recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site, is located about 43km southwest of Da Nang. If you like history, this is a good day tour to pick.
  • Cham Island Tour - Cham Islands is a group of 8 spectacular islands located off Hoi An in Central Vietnam, which are UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. You could take a day tour of this island.
  • Han River Cruise -The Han River Cruise is a fiery affair of live music on a river deck with a view of the magnificent Dragon Bridge. 
Lady Buddha and Son Tra Mountain Range

Logistics in Danang

Danang is well connected to most international and domestic places by air. Further, there is train and bus connectivity if you want a slow travel experience. The Danang International Airport is about 20 minutes out from the city and hence easily accessible. While it is not as big of an airport as Saigon's but still caters to most of the tourist requirements.

 For local travel within the city, we found Grab to be the most convenient option. These are generally easily available with low wait times and economic pricing. The local bus network within the city is limited and there are only a couple of services. We would recommend not relying on public transport a lot in Danang. For choosing accommodation, we recommend checking for options in the island part of Danang, preferably something by the beach. There are a number of options by the My Khe Beach (of varying budgets) and we found it to be an ideal location for a stay in the city. 

Day tours and tickets for experiences in Danang can be booked at http://www.klook.com 

For more details and ideas, you could also visit the official Danang Tourism Website 

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