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Hotel Landmark, Pokhara - A Welcoming Abode

Hotel Landmark, Pokhara

What do you look for when you are looking for accommodation for the upcoming vacation? There could be a lot of things depending on who you are but a couple would be common across - a decent facility, well equipped, comfortable, clean, serviced and near to where you want to be! Is there something very obvious that we have missed? Well, on our fortnight-long trip to Nepal, we discovered that the Hotel Landmark in Pokhara ticked all these checkpoints perfectly. Here is a primer from our experience at this facility - not a plush but a welcoming home.


If you in one of the picturesque locations like Pokhara, you would want to stay at a place that allows you quick access to the best that the city has to offer. This place does complete justice to that expectation! Located on the road along the shores of the lake that forms the center stage of the city. You just need to step out of the hotel and you are on a circular road around the lake - crafted with shops on both sides. The location is perfect for a leisurely stay when you want to be away from all the hustle and still be able to enjoy that evening walk along the lake. And if you care enough, hike onto the roof of the hotel and enjoy stunning views of the morning snow peaks of the Himalayas around.

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Hotel Landmark does offer a comfortable stay with nicely set rooms and providing all basic amenities one may expect in a hotel of its standing. There are broadly two types of rooms - one overlooking the hills while others overlooking the central courtyard. We chose the latter considering security aspects and that we could enjoy the "other view" anytime from the terrace - having a bath-tub in later rooms did make the decision easier! The rooms are adequate in size and are equipped with facilities that are on par with most standards - tea kettle, small refrigerator, study table, racks, etc. The place was clean and well maintained for the most part of it.

Service and Hospitality

This is not one of the starry plush facilities where the staff goes over the top to preempt your needs and address you by the name on your first entry, however barring that the service was impeccable. Since they had availability they showed us multiple rooms before asking for our choice and were accommodating to our requests for bits and pieces to come with the room. As we checked in, we were greeted with a welcome drink, basic information on logistics and invitation for the evening cultural show. Overall, we were satisfied with the service and welcome offered to us at the facility.

Restaurant and Food

While we are one of those kinds of tourists who avoid having meals at the hotels where we stay but we did try one of the meals at the restaurant. The meal was basic and something you would find at any decent restaurant - there are obviously better options around the Lakeside - but if you have to eat here, you may not be disappointed at least. The set-up of the restaurant is decent and themed traditionally - with comfortable seating and prompt service.

While there may not be much in terms of facilities and "perks" but the place has all the components of a nice stay that one would look forward to during a vacation. The cultural performance during the evening - may be a bit overrated - is a good way to engage tourists who may come back from a tired day-tour. This definitely is a place if you are looking for a no-frills yet no-nonsense accommodation with all amenities to make your stay comfortable.

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