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TakaMaka - A Party Place in Gurgaon

It was the time that one of our colleagues had hit an exciting opportunity and he decided to move on with that opportunity. But before flying off, he did his part by throwing a party for the entire team. The venue of the party was this relatively unheard of place on the Golf Course Road in Gurgaon - going by the name - Takamaka. We had been on the road across the building and had amazed had how aesthetically they had put on the name of the building but had never gone inside. It was time to get in and hence I was there at the venue by about 8 on the evening of April 25th. They have both a surface parking by the road and a couple of floors of underground parking. A weekend evening was not as rushy as other days and hence I got the spot in the surface parking itself.

I moved into the Emaar building and located the place on the first floor - right opposite to where the escalators drop you on the floor. We were ushered in once we introduced us as part of the group throwing the party. Takamaka is a brewery-pub ideal for hosting small to medium scale parties. The place has a nice welcoming exterior and a calm interior. The entire place has been modeled as a luxury cruise liner. As you enter, there is a bar chair like high seating across a few tables and there are sofa-seating by the walls. While the seats are comfortable and well spread, the overall setting makes it difficult to have group conversations while being seated. We all spent most of our time at the party standing in groups and catching up with folks. We would have preferred some area where chairs could be arranged in group fashion but that is something this place lacks.

They served decent food and drinks through the evening. The vegetarian options were great and similar were the reviews for a couple of chicken starters. We did love their innovation with peanuts and the sauces served along with the starters. The fries were bland but the sauce made them palatable. Drinks were being served both at the bar and on seats, later being slower. The domestic beer being served was reported to be on the stronger sides and early drinkers faced a bit of dizziness. The main course was a limited menu but decently placed in terms of quality and taste. Anyways, main-course is the least looked-forward-to-part of a meal at such parties as guests are full with starters to most extent. 😊

On the service front, I would actually rate it at average rather than above it. While there were a couple of servers who were friendly, prompt and courteous, there were a few who were least interested. There was one we found who lacked any knowledge of menu or available items. Though there were no shocks or major issues, this is the area they could improve a lot.

The music was good and the selection of numbers was decent. The volumes were managed and did not interfere much in conversations. As the evening progressed the Bollywood numbers did add to the swinging feet. They also have a huge screen on one of the walls, which is used to screen matches. At that moment it ran a highlight of an IPL match as the match that day was disrupted over rains.

Overall it was a fun event and the place was good for such an occasion. We bid farewell to our colleague and returned home.

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