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The Charm of Dusk - 5 Best Sunsets Around the World

Ever spent a twilight dreaming about your world? These five sunsets may force you to.😊

Sunsets are boring and dark is something that I have always believed in. The night with its dark and gloomy outlook is about to set in and all that is left to look for is the next morning where the light would come back to the world. But it isn't actually true if you think about it and I was reminded about this recently when I made the pessimistic comment during one of our recent visits. Wifey was all excited for one of our sunset viewpoint destination and I was trying to remind her of what the sunset means, in an attempt to subdue her jubilation state. Her reply bowled me over and I began to realize the positives that this phase of rotation of Earth could bring with it. It was almost a Eureka moment - as if I had discovered something that was always there. 

According to her, and now me, sunsets represent the end of the day and bring with them time to unwind. You have been through the rigors of your professional life - portraying something you are not and come back to your normal self. It is this sunset which frees you from the shackles of work and offers you time to party, sleep, wander or yes, blog. It is this time which signifies that all that was about to go wrong in life could be behind and you now have time to relax a bit after the toil before the next morning brings new hope. We have always celebrated the new ray of light that a morning brings, but would there be a sunrise without a sunset?

Now, this is not a philosophical blabber that I am trying to put together and you can rest if the heavy-lecture was getting to you. All I was trying to bring up is a different aspect of the sunset and an appreciation of the beauty that sunsets represent before we take you on a journey of exciting places across the world which offer a beautiful view of the downing sun. The sun that is taking our leave to brighten the lives of others. We have tried here to bring to you five best views of sunsets that we have had the chance to witness during various endeavors.

We have seen that sunsets and sunrises are important attractions at most of the destinations and their beauty stays - whether you are in hills or beaches. However, our best 5 are incidentally one on beaches - as the evening dawns and the sun slowly disappear far into the water and a relaxing aura engulfs the sea beach - it is a charm unbeatable.

Patong Beach, Thailand

Relax on the clear sands of the Patong Beach in Phuket after light snacks in one of the eateries across the road and enjoy a view of the sun dipping in the ocean. A number of paragliders would be visible emanating from the peaks with a backdrop of sun losing its shine minute by minute. If you can find a peaceful spot all to yourself, you would not be able to stop yourself admiring the beauty of nature amidst the waves, clouds, activities and of course the Sun.

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Tanah Tot Temple, Bali

This is a place that excites us when we say the name Tanha Tot Temple. While one may or may not be interested in the history of these ancient relics, one surely cannot afford to miss the mesmerizing view of the sunset. Well manicured lawns provide a nice setting for you to settle down in wait for the time. As the sun goes down, far and wide, the stream of birds returning to their base after day's work simply add to the scene.

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Fort Kochi, Kochi, India

This beach town is the gateway to the state of Kerala, a state which abounds in natural beauty. Before you take the leap into nature in the interiors, spend a few moments in the evening on the Kochi beach. As the fishing nets come down and shopkeepers raise the pitch to sell their catch, the sun gradually finds its way into the Arabian Sea. As dwellers attempt to capture the scene in lenses, sit by the shore and rever the beauty over light snacks or coffee from the hawkers.

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Los Angeles, United States

If you are a lover of history and art or if you are not, the Getty Center in Los Angeles is one that would attract you with its captivity. Well maintained gardens, museums showcasing historic artifacts, bands playing to modern music and refreshments to keep you munching - doesn't it all make it a tempting destination. Add to it the view of the sun setting across the horizon behind the vast expanse of this city - the center of Hollywood - from the heights of the campus. Do we need to say more?

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Interlaken, Switzerland

You have enjoyed your day playing with snow at the top of Mount Titlis and have come down from the three different types of rope-way rides - what do you look for next? Some resting moments to grasp the fun you have had and delve into an innocuous banter with the gang you have been your entire day. Why not add some scenery to it with the sun setting behind the Alps. 

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What do you think about these? I am sure there are many more exciting and interesting sunset viewpoints across the world - have you been to any? Leave a comment about your experiences or your feedback on mine. I will be back with more but till then  🙏


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