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Mystic Scene for a Romantic Dinner - Zerzura

It was a relaxed weekend on Feb 6th, 2016 and we were looking for something to involve us through the evening. We had not gone out for a dinner date for quite some time by then and hence decided it was the right time. This was how the search for the best place to head out to began. We started the exploration of the places in Central Delhi but gradually decided that we needed something more exotic. This was when I was reminded of this restaurant called Zerzura, which would often come up on my Facebook wall. So we decided to give it a shot and readied ourselves for an evening in a mystic aura of the Sahara.

I called up the restaurant to book our table and inquired about their specialty and theme. They informed me that they had the girl in a martini program scheduled for the day. Actually, the restaurant has a special event on most of the weekdays, including Belly Dances, Sufi Song Nite, DJing etc. Well, this definitely excited us as we both had not seen such a show earlier and the idea of a girl dancing within a glass bowl did look interesting. So we booked the table for 8:45 PM, as the program was supposed to start at 9. As planned, we were there at the restaurant located in Qutub Industrial Area in time and proceeded to our table. We had requested for a table with the right view of the performance and on reminding the host, we were offered the seat right beside the dance floor. The décor of the place had all the romanticism sprayed round and the dim light added to the effect. The only thing that seemed out of place was the music – which was a bit too loud for the theme and scene. One could hardly shout, let alone talk.

As we were ordering our drinks, yeah the non-alcoholic ones, we saw the staff preparing for the event. They brought in a big transparent bowl and filled it with a blue colored liquid. The crowd was buzzing in and taking their seats. Soon we were served our drinks and starters. The quality of food was good and the mix of spices seemed perfect. While we were enjoying the kebabs and lime soda, we saw a bouncer (the famed security guards) come and a helper putting up a ladder beside the glass bowl. We now knew that the show was about to start and we braced up for the performance. Being first of its kind, and probably only one in Delhi, we were really excited about it.

In a couple of minutes, we saw a petite girl emerging from a corner room and climb into the bowl. The music suddenly changed to a peppy rhyme and the girl swayed from one point to another over the tunes. The way she accommodated inside that limited real-estate was amazing and the moves she maneuvered were curiously well managed. One would assume certain restrictions when someone uses such a restricted dance floor and hence one should not expect to critically analyze the steps. What one marvels at how she managed to do it after all. It was a 5-minute performance, after which she stepped out of the room.

We had their wood-fired oven pizza for the main course. The thin-crusted pizzas were in fact, mouth-watering and were definitely worth the premium over regular dominoes. Over pizza, there was another performance in the bowl, this time with a new song and new dressing. In all, there were three 5 minute performances during the hour and a half that we spent at the restaurant.

Zerzura - Clarion Collection - Qutab Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

It was a lovely evening and the entire experience is worth trying, especially if you would like to impress that someone special.

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