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Know you relationship - FLAMES at your service !!

Well, it is the 14th of February and the whole world is delving in the mood of love. Those who have someone to spend it are planning to spend quality time with them and others like me are planning to do the same when this day arrives with a new year tag !!

Meanwhile, those of us who are " happily single" and " ready to mingle" types, we have some time to spend with ourselves and so comes this post.

I had developed an algorithm based on the "FLAMES" method of relationship calculation during my school and thought it is high time to revive it. Those of you not initiated with this method, it is a play game for children which catches similarity in similar characters in two names and follows a set algorithm to predict relationship of the two individuals.

So folks, presenting to you all, my very own version of the Relationship Calculator. Go ahead and enter in those names, have fun and post the results, if not names, in comments !!

Please enter the names without space in lower letters...

Name 1 

Name 2 


If you want to try again....go ahead and       
What do the results mean ?

Character Code      Expansion
Probables for marriage
No less than enemy

Note : The Results above are indicatory in nature at best. Evaluation is based on famous FLAMES method and is purely intended for entertainment purposes. Any similarity of results to actual situations is purely coincidential and unintended. Any logical irregularities to be reported in the comments section.


  1. Dude - this really works , awesome :)

    But I have a suggestion can you do some more algorithm building and create something like below:
    1) Guy enter his name
    2) Selects the type pf relationship he is looking for
    The system gives him a list of names to focus his search :)

  2. Very nice tool and time saver. But UI is not good.
    Check this tool Flames Game it has a good looking and flat design

    1. Thanks - it was immature me trying hands at coding!

  3. Can you please attach the algorithm


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