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IIM Interview - IIM Calcutta

Next to the IIM Shillong GD/PI, after a days break, I was present at IIM Calcutta campus for coveted interview. The GD was on the relevance of planning in times of dominant market forces. The 2-10-1 min schedule seemed too less in starting. 2 minutes to think on topic and discussion for 10 mins in a group of 12 was disproportional so as to say. However we had a good discussion overall with seldom "fish-market" situations. again was numbered 8th for the interview.

My luck!! or unluck..the usual bakar prevailed in the waiting lounge. When called for my turn I entered the room with (again) three panelist. The right most began by asking for my form. Contrary to others we were asked to get our forms and photocopies of certificates attested in the office and hence original file was not asked for. Then the panelist Started with Railways to question with regarding Dad's posting and other usual stuff of which all places I have been. Then there a sweet(uhh) smile on reading my hobbies..Number Theory..baton passes directly to the third person - the prof with stern looks and typical frightening aura - I relate to one of my profs back at 'G'.

Started with an efficient way to get GCD of two numbers..efficient ?? I knew only one method taught in 7th standard. So hands up...then he came to prime number checking and that was my forte...I mean epicenter of my preparations.....gave him root N method..supplemented it with Fermat's theorem. Then he went ahead to pseudo-primes and finally he seemed getting satisfied. Lastly he pitched in if power function's (fermat's theorem) use is an efficient way for which I could mummer about my ignorance of a better method. And with this ended grilling on my hobby and I took a sigh of relief.

Now middle professor enters into the debate with his ex-India knowledge and went to my Zurich visit. He asked about languages and other tourism related things. Then again the right most prof chipped in the Railways with a question on all the fuss about Indian Railways making huge profits. Again something I prepared well for. So muttered all the facts and figures. Logic in some cases were questioned and I guess, I explained well. The middle one then asks the concluding question of my plan next day. Told him that I was taking a train back. On his inquiry of why not to spend Holi with friends in Kolkata I replied of the need to reach Guwahati for a class the day after (as if I would attend that :)) seemed to leave some impression. So in all it was a match on home ground in which my innings went well..but still a home ground does not guarantee that opposition would not perform..So have kept my fingers crossed.

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