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Blabbering Me - Thoughts

Once I have a thought, view or information, I give in to the temptation of blabbering and want the whole world to bear with me when I tell them all that I know or feel or understand. More often than not, the victim of my verbal ramblings may not be interested in the topic and hence I realized that probably this is the right platform to bug people. At the least they have the option to hit the close button !!

Sarcasm aside, this is the one stop collation of all the articles or a focused series on a topic from the blog. While posting, some issues tend to succumb to time as new posts take over the real estate from the older ones. One day the topic while still relevant and useful may find its place on trailing pages of the blog and a reader may hardly get to them. Hence, I would be putting up a broad list of topics being covered through the blog with relevant linkages to the articles.

Hope this effort is worth the effort and helps the reader better navigate through this maze of varied topics and directions this blog may take up.

Gyan - Informative Articles : Interesting Aspects of Things

Socio-Political - My Views on Politics, Social Events and Leaders

Bakar - Ramblings across Experiences and Memories

Other Resources for Your Help - A Wide Spectrum

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