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Suited for business formals, ride out of a difficult client meeting running hours and yet posing at the piers of the beautiful countryside town of Tacoma.
Well, that is me for you - your humble author - Tarun Kumar or KT for you!
In the Spirit of Titles

Today is the time of quick headlines - a catchy few words to bring out the entire story in a sensational way. The media world today is one of breaking news and what good you are if you do not have one for yourself. So I had to think about this - the time was when I was alone in a sad hotel apartment waiting for my room service dinner order. And whatever attempts I made that time, I could not come around with sensational enough words. I needed one to be there soon so I leaned against myself to bring in some big words - things I worked for and have helped me whenever the going gets tough.
If I come to think about it, following would be an apt title to put on top of a resume I may build one day to truly showcase myself. For those who would believe me to be a narcissistic egoist but then what do I do - these are stuck with me or me with them.

Badged IIMite | Branded IITian | Professional Consultant | Passionate Traveler | Amateur Blogger

So what has been my story - professionally?

I work as a manager with a leading US-based consulting firm and have been here most of my professional career. I specialize in operational continuity and crisis management domain and am ready to help clients with all their risk advisory requirements. But that is me ready to help them, however, what matters is are they? That is where most stories end before even commencing. That is the life of a consultant - stuck between proposals and client meetings and then more meetings. Of course, that is a major part of me now.

However, it has a history behind it - one of the colleges, schools, and classes. One needs to study and study hard and God I did that just the same. I hold an MBA in Finance and Strategy from IIM Bangalore at the end of which I joined my present company. While at IIM Bangalore, I got the opportunity (thanks to dad shelling the moolah) to take up an exchange term at Anderson School of Management, UCLA - another opportunity to follow my passion and no I don't mean learning. I also have a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from IIT Guwahati - another heaven on the land and a true gift of God.

What about me on a personal level and why am I here?

As an interest, I like traveling and visiting new places. I have traveled to many cities in India, Europe, and the USA as part of my interest. Meeting new people and exploring new things is what keeps my passion for traveling alive. I also consider myself politically awake and have strong views on the political scene in India. Being an engineer, science and technology come naturally to me to a certain extent and any step forward catches my attention. I tend to follow news related to such innovations or adoption of new methods. All these aspects of my interests and hobbies would be evident in what I express on this blog.  I plan to document detailed experiences of my trips to cities and provide a glimpse into their rich and diverse culture. I would also express my views and thought a on myriad of topics of my interest which I believe may catch the fancy of others.

 The sole aim behind hosting this page was to be able to present myself before all Netizens and to make the long awaited fantasy to see myself on this complex web of Internet come true. However, gradually this blog has become a part of my daily life and a source for expressing my views and experiences. I plan this to be a collation of various experiences of life and some of my wandering thoughts. I would try to give all my readers a glimpse into various cities I have visited over the years and also my views on various topics of general interest. The areas of focus of my writing would be travel experiences, politics, and perks of power. I would also put up guidance material for IIM-CAT and IIT-JEE from time to time as a gratitude for all the help and advise I got from my seniors during my preparations.

Where can you contact me - if you are inclined to?

For all those who now feel inclined to get in touch with me mail me - at kt@expressions-kt.in - and rest assured to hear back from me. I look forward to hearing from you and any feedback you may have is welcome - with open arms !!


  1. Sir, how to create these type of blogs. Is there any charges, we have to pay to maintain these type of blogs. Please explain, if your time permits, to my e-mail address.

    1. Short answer - there are no charges and this is absolutely free in monetary terms. But it definitely needs time and then someone said - Time is Money :)

      If you have any specific questions, shoot them onto my mail given above and I would really be happy to answer.

    2. Here is a reference where you can have much more information on how to get started - http://www.expressions-kt.in/2014/10/blog-taking-first-step-to-expressing.html


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