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Best things to do in KulluManali

This is a guest blog post contributed by Manisha Adlakha!

One of the finest hill stations in the Himachal Pradesh is Kullu Manali. With a beautiful and serene environment, one can also enjoy a lot of local cuisines here. There are a lot of places to visit and things to do when in the hill station. So, listed below are a few top things that you can do while visiting Kullu and Manali.

1. River rafting: If you are planning a trip to Manali no matter what you do there or which place you visit river rafting should surely top your list. White water river rafting is considered one of the most done things in Manali. The Beas River flowing down through the mountains is full of excitement and looks super adventurous. I can assure you this will become the best memory from your Manali's trip. And apart from this river Beas is considered to be the best stretches for rafting in India. Pirdi has an amazing water sports-center for children and water sports lovers. The best of river rafting happens to be in the months of June and July. You can avail some discount on your trip to the place using the Goomo Promo Code

2.    Paragliding: Feeling of literally flying over the mountains I don’t think will ever be considered wastage of money or time. After rafting paragliding is considered the second most favorite thing to experience at least once in Manali. There are also certain heights from where you can do this. The Solang valley is famous for having the best paragliding spot. So if you are an adventure enthusiast then it’s a must thing. Talking about the best time for experiencing paragliding to the best level then it is surely between the months of May and September.

3. Hadimba Devi Temple: Now after talking all about the adventure sporting places it’s time to get some peace too. And for that Hadimba Temple is considered the best tourist place in Manali. It is a four-story temple made by Raja Bahadur Singh way too back in the middle of the dense forest known as Van Vihar. This temple is dedicated to goddess Hadimba although no idol is worshipped here just a foot imprints are revered as holy. But visitors will definitely find peace in there.

4. Camping: Solang valley is not only famous for paragliding but also for camping. It is called hub of all adventurous activities in Manali. It is situated at an altitude of 13Km from the hill town. It offers a view of glaciers, snow-capped mountains, and peaks. To experience delights of the valley go for camping. There will be no issue camping at Solang valley as it offers proper and comfortable accommodations with a number of exciting and adventurous activities throughout the year. Try skiing if going during winters, trekking, rock climbing, ATV ride, Bonfire, Zorbing and much more.

5. Waterfall: Rahala waterfall is known as a scenic spot in Manali. This waterfall is basically located on the route to Rohtang pass. This waterfall is fed by the result of melting of glaciers water falls down in rush from a certain height which eventually creates a beautiful sight. the view of snow-covered mountains at one side and the melodious sound produced by the waterfall at one side makes this place the most visited place in Manali. Not only the scenic beauty but people are always busy here clicking pictures and making memories. Groups of friends as well as the couple everyone enjoys here.

6. Trekking: as we know Manali is truly a paradise for adventure enthusiasts. So for all the adventures lovers out there must love trekking too. Manali is undoubtedly known for the trekking experience that it provides. These days trekking has become a new concept of spending the weekend well for youngsters. Then for trek lovers, Manali is your go-to place, it will provide from easy trekking and staying accommodations with a trek guide to panoramic sights of a huge snow covered mountains and beautiful valleys. The most popular trails are Rohtang pass to snowline, Bhrigu Lake Trek, Chanderkhani Pass, Sar Pass and many more. There are some season’s related treks whereas some treks that can be done anytime throughout the year. You can use the Akbar travel promo code to get a few attractive offers.

7.       Wildlife Sanctuary: Nestled at an altitude of 4000m the village is known as one of the secret sites of Manali. This place depicts a true picture of what nature’s beauty and actual greenery beauty looks like. The village is surrounded by mountain peaks which are covered by snow all around, lush grassland, and the flowing Beas River. This place is less known by visitors so lessor the visitors more will be the peace. So if you are looking for peace then this is for you. It is just 6Km from Rohtang Pass. 
Wild Life Sanctuary
8. Rohtang Pass: the mountain pass is located at the height of 3979 meters at a distance of 51Km from Manali. While mountain pass remains closed in winters because of visitor’s safety issues but it is open from June to October for motor vehicles. Rohtang is blessed with snow throughout the year. It is a beautiful pass which is actually a gateway to Lahaul Spiti, Panghiand Leh Valley. Tourists can also go for various activities like mountain biking, skiing, and snow scooter.

So enjoy your time when here as it serves a lot of adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. It is a pristine area with a lot to showcase.

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