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Tour De Presidential Palace: Rashtrapati Bhavan


  1. hi. is there a facility to keep the prohibited items before entering into rb?

  2. Yes, there is a counter where you can deposit your mobiles or key etc. if you want to but it is a small place and not-so-professionally managed. I would recommend that if you are driving to RB, leave back stuff in your car or else go ahead and use the counter.

  3. on line booking for rashtrapati Bhavan is not opened as yet for March 2018 dates. There are three circuits. Is it possible to cover circuit 1 and circuit 2 in a day.Mughal garde is in circuit 3 and open to public in Feb/ March for which on line booking is not required in Feb March.please enlighten whether circuit 1&2 wherein places except gardens can be viewed/ covered in a day( from 10 am to pm)?

    1. Yes it is possible to cover the two circuits within a day. It is predominantly a guided tour and runs pretty fast and hence cover a circuit in about a couple of hours.

  4. Are Places in circuit 1&2 such as main Rashtrapati Bhavan bldg , central lawns museum complex etc possible to cover /view in a day from 10 am to 4 pm? Can one book both circuits in a single day?

  5. Nice and useful description. Please tell how much time you took to cover the circuits.


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