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Queen of hills amidst beauty of Himachal - Shimla


  1. thanks for a nicely written article

  2. Dear Tarun: Thank you for your kind comment re: my Shimla piece. I read yours over. It is fine. It would make great copy for a travel brochure. When I first got into Blogging I was always quoting hotel locations and prices with ancillary reviews of eateries and then I had an epiphany. I had a bad experience in Lombok, Indonesia. So bad an experience that I wrote a vicious little blog entitled; 'Fear and Loathing in Lombok'. The piece went viral because; As I discovered; The nastier the writing the more the blog reading public laps it up; .http://www.travelblog.org/Asia/Indonesia/Lombok/Sengigi/blog-344891.html

    The bottom line is; I always decide who I am writing the blog for before I start on it. Most are for my family and myself. Trying to capture the moment in time. The feelings I experienced. I'm visually oriented. James Lee Burke is a writer that had a great deal of influence on me for setting scenes. Colors, textures, the vibe in the air, the personalities I dealt with; Good and Bad. My creative writing teacher in Maryland in 1981 was Martha Grimes who went on to good success writing mystery novels. Back when I knew her she hadn't published anything. Now she has 34 books under her belt. She didn't publish until she was 48 years old. She kept pounding me with requests to re-write my material. I asked her how many re-writes were enough and she looked me dead in the eye and said "Michael. One can NEVER do enough re-writes." So now I'll do a half dozen reviews before I'll toss it out there and even then I know that I'm screwing something up but hey! What can you do? Nothing? I'm not cut out for that.

    Review your stuff. Throw out repetitive descriptions like 'Toy Train'. One of anything is usually enough. Use more colors, smells, sounds, tastes and impressions. We all share commonality of experience. Use that in your writing. Were you frightened by anything you saw? Mystified, impassioned, bored? Put it out there so at least the reader gets a feel for who you are. What you're about. Why you travel. Thanks again, Mike

    1. Thanks a lot for reading through my blog and for the suggestions !! Most of the points you have made are really well thought of and probably I would have not delved into had you not pointed them out. They would really help me better my writing and would definitely keep them in mind henceforth.

      Thanks again,


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