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My Life @ IITG

The need to make space in my hard drive finally led to moments of nostalgia this Saturday. I was somehow directed to the folder containing pictures from the time I was at IIT Guwahati - probably one of the best time I've had. Those pictures brought to life a sea of memories.

I still remember that trip down the Saraighat bridge amidst heavy rains during my first visit to the campus which became one of the deciding factors for me to choose the institute. And now, 7 years later I am here diving into all those memories of the 4 years at the campus. Any memory of that time would be incomplete without mention of The Mech Lobby - A gang of prospective mechanical engineers(of course many of those did not end up as one) housed in same corridor on the second floor of Dihing. It was the seeds of friendship born during those first year cribs that bore the fruit throughout the life on campus and memories of which still make me miss those times.

Well that was the first year when we all came together. The bond strengthened during the first few days at the campus where all huddled in one room and gossiped for hours. I still remember the fact that if a door of any one of the rooms opened, it wasn't long when each one of us were all into a bakar session. We had those experiments to see for the possibility of someone passing through the corridor with an open door without entering into it and we failed each time we tried. Mantri's room was in fact our (un)official get together room. So much so that once we entered it through a not so genuine key (well it was an accident though that we identified the key). The year passed by having that fun and masti and then we witnessed a change - academically and logistically.

A bunch of us moved to Kameng and also changed our departments but inherently the foundation of Mech Lobby kept itself alive.  With Kameng started a tradition which lasted the entire three years - post dinner bakar. Me, Mantri and Chadha - after each day of classes, labs and other chores we all spent a good hour talking and laughing out about them. We were often joined by Ranjan, Loki, Puru among others.

With the move academically, came a few more memories. I made new friends and the network expanded and I got a new nickname - Dexter. It was with this group I attended those boring lectures sleeping right in the first row. And then there were those labs where I somehow felt a sense of animosity between the electric components and myself. They never ever worked in my circuits and I often ended up showing those made my others. And then there were those late night sessions when the entire batched in one single room completing assignments in assembly line fashion. Well gradually we did develop the art of farzi labs and copied assignments.

Every year we had a number of occasions where the group enlarged and fun was cumulative. We all celebrated Diwali together and the enthusiasm was unparalleled. Holi had its special flavor with the mud-pit to take a dip. Manthan brought the best of talent in inter-hostel competitions while Alcher had its own charm. Techniche would be best associated with groups of few developing "state of art" robotic devices.

And after every gruelling semester, homecoming was an event in itself. Taking a night shuttle from the campus for a morning train and having a night-out at the railway station did leave some thoughts lingering around :)

Someone said “Sometimes a perfect memory can be ruined if put to words.” and I actually agree specially with my inexperience in writing. So I decided to collate some of the best memories from my time there and make a small video out of those. Here is my shot at the endeavour and I hope this takes many of my friends to the same memory lane I have been through this weekend !!


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