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Visit to the Sun City - Jodhpur

The trip was undertaken on June 20, 2006
This is the video made from collation of our photos from the Jodhpur trip.

Jodhpur was our stop on the return journey from Jaisalmer. The day had more excitement than usual tours as it was to be spent with a friend..and touring with friends is always a fun. We reached in morning and after dad left for his work I went to Aman..the friendly mota who was more than happy to oblige me with a trip round the city. We spent some time at his house and had a second breakfast of Mirchi Pakoras.
As all other cities of Northern India, Jodhpur is built around a grand fort different in its own class.Turned into a museum, it brings forth the royal life style which everyone is destined to envy. This as a first stop for the day. The top of the fort presented a great view of the city and museum showcased the antiquities from the history of the region.
Then we went to "The Ummed Palace" once the seat of the ruler of the region, it's now a hotel with entry restricted for tourists to only a small part developed to showcase the lifestyle of the good old rulers. The ancient bowl train on the dining table to serve food was a peculiar feature. The luxury afforded by the rulers was simply heartening and inspiring.
Then we left for a quick lunch at Aman's house and the food seved with so much warmth tasted best of all the delicacies that had been served during the entire journey. The post lunch time was spent with dad.
The city also provides a Lake for boating freaks...mind it a lake in desert is what one would not expect...!!!!
On way back from lake we visited a stone quarry where the owner was happy to show us around. Learning the intricacies of extraction of Jodhpur stone and the processes involved was something that added some academic (well not really !!) meaning to the whole visit. But even though the rough terrains in strong winds presented a challenge to visit the whole quarry it was a spot much better than many other "regular" places of tourist interests.
Final halt of the day was the "Mandore Gardens" which is only a park to be called, but an ideal place to end your trip to the city.The place has huge structures of architectural beauty along with well maintained parks.A mini theme park has also come up there. With this concluded this trip to the utmost west of the country that one can go. The border areas far west are under army control and civilian movement monitored. But for us this was good enough. The city has its own glamour one which is unforgettable.

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