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Blossoming in Pink - Jaipur

The trip was undertaken on June 23rd 2006 on my short trip to home. Following is a video collating the photos from the day to give you a glimpse of the place.

It is ironic putting a trip to Jaipur given that it is my hometown ..isn't it ? Yet I have been around to so many places that when i came back to Jaipur after such a long time it needed me a round through the city to get age old memories live...So when I visited home after completing first year at college it was time to rediscover the heritage and charm of the pink city of India..Jaipur.

Left home in the morning and our first stop was the City Palace. After a long drive around the city we were greeted by the grandeur of the life of the Rajas. The luxury of that time was evident from the first look at the residential mansion encompassing areas immeasurable. The long corridors, seemingly infinite number of rooms and the their heights all added to the power radiated from the house of Raja Jaisingh.

Once out of the place we moved to an adjoining building which took a travelling time of half an hour by car because it required going around the palace to the other end. However the drive along the city is a treat with such a well managed system of traffic..at least in the main city area and hence we reached the historic building of HawaMahal - The hall of the winds. The palace which is an extension of the ladies chamber of city palace was built to allow royal ladies to observe the day-to-day life of the city and that explains the existence of windows..small and innumerable. The pink sandstone building stands to the testimony of time and is amidst the busiest of the markets of the city.

By the time we were finished with the Hawa Mahal hunger started showing its effect and hence we moved to the popular Kiran Cafe..a small dosa corner at city center by the city museum. The Dosa...it would be more appropriate to call it a family piece. Three of us had a wholesome meal in just one dosa.
After the lunch we went back and the next leg of the trip took place on the second day. we went with my grand parents and had another exciting day visiting the observatory - Jantar Mantar which elucidates the advance science and technology in those days of ancient India. The trip ended with a visit to birla temple in the evening and thus came closer - me and my hometown.

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