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Meaningful education - Is it still relevant ??

Finally the taxing endterms come to an end today...Actually am supposed to be logically sleeping right now but for this early morning flight that leaves me with no option but to spend another night sitting if I don wanna risk missing it. And wandering on the internet to quench my thirst of information I stuck at some articles and news items related to educational reforms in India. The path being followed seemed intriguing.
The thing started with making compulsory for the private schools to accommodate some students from poor background. But then when actually these students reached those posh places they found themselves a misfit. They could neither match the affluence of the richer lot nor could they save themselves from continual jibery and mockery. In all we have created a frustrated mass of students and parents who find themselves guessing their faults. The fault that actually is of the government. The body who is responsible to provide basic education to all. Shredding their responsibility into these banal legislation is not going to address the problem. This actually reminds me something I have been taught recently. The funda of unintended consequences. I believe that intentions behind the actions were pure and if idealism prevailed these would have in fact improved the level of education in India. but then expecting idealism seems to stretching the demands too far.

Next has been optioning out class X boards exam. We have been living with this for all our generations and now government wants to put an end to it on account of pressure creating activity. Agreed !! it creates pressure on students. Again the logic seems sort of illogical. It is for the first time students are exposed to the competition in true sense. After all they have to see the pressure and competition. or some political still planning some miraculous method of eliminating competition itself from the society economy and all other spheres? Seriously scrapping an examination which has over the years developed into a benchmark in itself. What fails my understanding is the way scrapping it would help reduce pressure in first place. You may relieve a proportion of students from the stress of failure at that stage but then what would they do for class XII boards or for that matter competitions ahead(May be bringing down the standard of JEE was a part of this strategy..) And all this would be done at the cost of some of the meritorious students. Just try to think what would be impact of someone supposed to score 89.4% (no points for guessing who is being talked about :) But the point is there is no end to stress, pressure and competition especially in today's world and atleast not by such frivolous attempts. Unintended consequences again it seems. Now I realize how important those 8:00 AM lectures were that I simply ignored.

The fact of the matter is when we should be actually improving our education system, we are scrapping out some of the better elements of the system. At time when Mr. Obama envies India for its education systems and calling to emulate from it, we aren't concerned enough. I bet government and the HR minister should broaden their focus of outlook and should try bringing wholesome improvements inclusive in character. GLOBE GLOBE GLOBE he he yeah it is but then public policy can never be specific or particularized. Thus we elected a set of white dressed executives to take care of our woes and in them we keep our faith that one day they would steer India to become how we should envisage it to be(.)

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