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Thoughts - Socha Na Tha :)

A month full of abstruse assignments, lengthy submissions, sacrosanct deadlines and then finally a short 3 day scheduled midterms....Life has seen some new colors on this campus. Yeah ended the midterms..first exams of my postgraduate life and may be this completes half of many such cyles of trimesters.. And on looking back on last month a thought, intelligible, creeps my innocuous brains - Life is way different for Engineering.
First of all students preparing readings before reaching the classrooms, which by the way are creations of due architectural undertaking to provide with the best of luxuries, was a completely new aspect. Enthusiasm of class participation, without the much needed contribution to grading, was something bizzare for me.
However there has been a lot of change for better. Firstly, all your creativeness and ability to globe and bakar are given proper channels to erupt and all for some useful constructive jobs....including examinations. There is far less to mug-up. Courses are more general in their scope and discussions revolve around topics of daily interest. And if this does not gives a feel one of the course had a case in midterms on Gay rights judgement of high court.

On the life apart academics...Yeah even among all this we get time to have something called life. The janta is fun and we do hold onto every opportunity to enjoy. Birthday celebration is an event everyone looks forward to. The much controversial Hoosh is a nightmare for every mortal atleast on his manufacturing date. And ask about that to me..the inaugral being- on victim side- of official hooshing culture of our section. Yet for some one being Hooshed the consolation of being surrounded by friends on the day is more dominating and overwhelming.
On other angles, living besides guys much more experienced both in life and work is making me a bit more sensible, sensitive and groomed. Daily bath, ironed clothes and ordered room are just some of the illustrations. So much has happend in these last 40 days and yet its only around a dozenth fraction of all this life that is yet to come. Indeed I can say - 'Socha Na Tha.
Signing off now to catch up with some sleep before this system again loads me with more assignments, submissions and deadlines!! Cheers!!

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