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Thoughts - the lost vehicle :(

So finally a commendable endeavor comes to an end..The unmanned lunar orbiter detaches itself from the shackles of the mortals trying to keep it under control. But now it's a free being in itself exploring the realms of the universe.
Launched in october 2008 it indeed was a milestone in India's space exploration and would always form an important part of the story. Developing an indigenous spacecraft and launching it from domestic facilities was indeed a giant leap and commendable result of the hardwork of the scientists involved. The endeavor has really put India in league with few others who have been able to send material from earth into the space. The craft was supposed to send info about lunar surface and activities taking place on the most fascinated spatial body lovingly called the"Chanda Mama". According to the releases by ISRO I belive the machine did a wonderful job uptil now and has sent hundreds of photographs and loads of data which I am sure would provide meaningful conclusions.
Last few months, the Chandrayaan I has been amidst controvercies regarding of failure of the gyroscopic instrument which provided direction and balance for maneavouring the big machine. However, thanks to the ingenuity of the great minds at work, the satellite vehicle was kept under control by alternate mechanical mechanisms. But finally every conception has a climax and so was the case with this. But only was it abrupt and premature. There was still a 11 month stint that the craft was yet to work and the early loss is indeed a loss of knowledge.
When Mr. Nair from ISRO says that the experiment has been a lot infomative and enlightening, I would like to believe him and would still like to congratulate him for the great job done by him and his team. If nothing else, it atleast was a headstart to the regions unexplored. I hope the mistakes of the first attempt would provide improved insight for the Chandrayaan 2 and timely remeady of them are undertaken. It has positioned Indian tricolour on the surface of the moon and thats and achievement in itself. What I am looking forward is towards the day when an Indian vehicle carries a man to the lunar surface !

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