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Graduation Engineered - Convocation Trip to Guwahati

Finally the coveted degree in hand and am now officially an engineer from an IIT. My last few posts must have already enlightened all to the fact of how can this degree be engineered. Still finally having it in hand gives me the special status that comes with it and am atleast a graduate if not an engineer. The picture that the world sees is bright and that's probably enough to make me happy for the moment.

Yeah during the visit to grab the degree we visited the Pabitora Wild Life Sanctuary which I believe is only place in country where an elephant can take you so near to a rhino; that can only be a story of imagination. That was one thing other than the IIT that I guess I would remember for some time. Filhaal I am over with a phase of life called under-Graduation and am soon to enter the one called post-Graduation and fully enjoying the transition phase. The only mantra of life seems to be "Eat Healthy, Sleep Better" and am truly sticking to it... The apprehensions of sleep being at premium at my new abode furthers my determination.

Leaving for Bangalore on 19th of June and if nothing important comes up I may be back after joining there..Busy with all the stuff U Know...!!

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