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Thoughts - Entering the Hallowed Halls

To start with..as has been the issue of plagiarism so emphasized, the title is not my creation but an innovation of some mortal displaying immense linguistic competence during one of the 'fun sessions' meant for us. Now coming to my actual intent of this piece of creation.
Have finally joined IIM Bangalore on 22nd of June. What seemed to be a slacked time of orientation week somehow turned into an experience un-thought of. The schedule gave a list of sessions for group activities and other introductions to IIMB and its various components. After the registration, begun the inauguration of the orientation week and then we realized that these guys do not let any time go waste. The same session involved awarding DML entrants, and then a welcome by the director, the PGP Chair and other dignitories of the college. Following that next few days had some sessions purely aimed at introducing to the systems and operations (managerial jargon !!) of IIMB. Talks by CAO, CC In charge, Librarian and others were informative for daily requirements here. PGP Chair made us aware of various academic and administrative rules and their severity. Then there were lectures by professors introducing to management communication and case studies. And it was this week itself when we had SpicMacay performance by an IIMB alumni, a talk by BCG MD and partner James Abrahim and then Mr. Nandan Nilekani coming down to the campus to interact with the incoming batch.
In all the week was a peep into the life of IIM Bangalore and a cushion... a transition mechanism for the newcomers to interact among themselves, with the seniors and with the environment. And then the seniors were always ready to get you into the shoes of 'walking-talking' zombies. Anyways, friends it's now end of the orientation week and from tomorrow commence the regular classes. With an aim to be veritable participant in the classes and solemn student, the same that I set at the dawn of the engineering, I need to catch on with some sleep before the famed excruciating academic life of an institute of management as big as IIM Bangalore. Hope to post something more about Life@B soon !!

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