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Thoughts - Cleared for take off !!

Aptness of the title can only be recognized by someone who has to bear four years at an unidentified place in realms of concrete buildings, monstrous professors, regular examinations and subsequent quest for grades. Well it's not exactly so bad but still. With the submission of the No Dues Form, the toughest job of the ultimate semester, I have been relived of all my duties towards a BTech Degree :) and so as the title says I am......
Looking back at last few weeks at life in this paradise,as in my own words, I realize the extent to which a BTech degree can be farzi yet authentic, the later representing only the literal meaning. The pre-endsem period when everyone was haywire about submission of the undergraduate thesis, most of us finally rested on some or other manipulations of truth :P for the final dissertation.
Our very own case presents the best of examples of this earthly reality. Devoid of an reliable approach a week before the due date, we finally end up getting a perfect grade is a living testimonial of hows the way to go about and around. Few strokes of trial and error, slight modifications on good old MS PAINT and finally a bit of pursuations with regards to impossibility of certain tasks is enough to convince some unsuspecting Mr. Guide to realize how hard two innocent looking (subject to perceptions) souls have worked and that the results truly is outcome of that work. Hiding the existing work on the same topic is only a cherry on the ice-cream. And these realizations manifest into professor vehemently (exaggerations accepted!!) supporting these two beings at the presentation where a Mr. Villain was bossing around leaving everyone flummoxed. And since he expects to get a journal paper out of that crap of 4 nite-outs, I guess that's a win-win for everyone :).
And as if that was enough for the day, the clearing came with the news of another AA and an AB, in courses where the syllabus for the examination was presented the night before.
And with this I rest my case that "nothing is impossible" is something not said arbitrarily. When you can be passing as a BTech department rank holder of electronics and communication engineering without knowing the directional arrows of a MOSFET there's nothing in the world that you can't achieve!!
But then the only fact to know is Who Cares. As in words of Director, we are just one more passing batch for the faculty who is ready to embrace a brand new wagon with similar apathy. We or for that matter some of us like me going for a hands on with new fields and realities, the technical knowledge rendered was just a means to the end..the end being the document I am supposed to receive on last working day of May with huge fan-fare. And so its just a moment to relax and enjoy my last day ..or infact the only night that is left...at this campus. Signing off now with a hope that atleast people who have been indicated in this declaration do not visit:) well atleast untill I am safely gone....

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