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Thoughts - its the ENDofSEMs

Finally over with the end sems or rather end of sems at IIT Guwahati. Coming out of the examination hall after the last exam of the ultimate semester of the four year BTech, Mixed feeling erupted deep within. On one hand was the joy of finishing the long journey, on other was the glum of reaching the destination. While on a path the destination..the ultimate goal seems to be the only end of voyage...but the uncertainties of the path has its own charm. And at the end of it you only remember the journey without which the destination has no meaning. Any philosophical that these words may sound, its today I realize their meaning.Out of my last assignments as the student at IITG, I realize the importance of the four year tenure, which during its course was the only thing I hated.
Keeping the boring rhythm of emotion crap aside i realize, still is left the last pinch of the "dreaded" BTech..the undergraduate project. Have to prepare a presentation for the Tuesday session,the final one. Still am supposed to write a conference paper on the work and also have to get done with an implementation. So lots of work at hand and foresee few sleepless nights. However I guess in these final times, the night outs would would be one of the events of life at college that I would cherish down the lane of time .. will only be back after the presentation...so till then Chill Maadi !!

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