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Thoughts - Converting to IIMB

Hey Friends, It's finally 10th of April descending into a new day with clock ticking to 0:00 hrs..the day is up and was indeed special not because it was a Friday ...the day of the week which presents a new set of bollywood flicks to scan DC for(Hope most of you know that; those who don't it's a lifeline :) Even the great Good Friday isn't enough a reason to make this day.. It's a day when the good old IIMs have come out with their perceptions of budding managerial aspirants. Yup!! results of the GDPI rounds are out carving out the future of some 2000 odd guys (sorry also gals). and here I am sharing this day with you before it finally dimnishes into the excitement of the new coming date.
Exactly around 24 hours a
go started the war...with your laptop..internet connection and the damn jammed IIM servers and not to forget the pagalguy(the supportline of every cat aspirants). And God knows when those 'F5s' turned into a deep slumber unaware of the facts that my destiny was being determined by some dumb office clerk preparing the final draft of the results. Up comes the morning and first reaction is to hit the 'F5' again and there are results for C. the shaking hands and unnerving chill hinders entering the registration number and gosh ...It sedately informs me of my rejection. Gosh I so hoped to get C through. Starting with tho rejects the starting was indeed not so good on a GOOD FRIDAY. still the heart goes on. And next comes up the pdf at IIMB's scrambled website.
Wooo..Woww......Yahoooooo... whatever exclamation I put here, it would't be enough to elicit how I felt seeing my name in that pdf - a selection and a new direction to life. I already had what i required...The B support. Now the few rejects and other converts don't matter anymore.
The news gradually spreads and in comes loads of congratulations. Friends flogging to shake hands with that ever sweet words 'congrats'..I love that. And then came some of the dearest friends of the campus..Good old mantri and chadha...no marks for guessing their mind. The wishes they gave were something I would remember for a long long time. Mantri's excited hug and chadha's formal word of appreciation ... how to describe that moment. A lovely treat was all they were calling for and I had to oblige. The day went in the city trip for the treat. Am back and pretty tired and much more excited by the feel of getting to go to an IIM..the sweetest three characters, ofcourse after IIT.
Will put up more of my experience all through this journey of going through CAT 2008 and getting a convert. Really looking forward to be at a "place to B"

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