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Thoughts - The end is inevitable

So finally the day has arrived..have been bid farewell by our juniors last night. Although it should be an emotional moment, it went all as an enjoyable treat and a night full of fun and masti. It was however realized that our days in this campus were numbered and it is now time to plan for a change of abode. The night began by few performances by our junior and then few inspiring words by the faculty who was kind enough to take part. This followed by the dinner digressed into an informal bakar with everyone remembering salient memories of life in last four years. Among this was also a session in which everyone was given a plain t-shirt on which messages from friends could be received so as to keep memories alive for a long time. Everyone elegantly dressed in Kurtas as was the required dress code, it was a complete change from how everyone looked in the afternoon.

We had a batch photo session at 3:30. 250 guys dressed in their formals and foraying to have their photos in every possible group combination possible and groups were as weird as room no 306 of every hostel :). However it was a single occasion in last four years when the whole batch gathered for something of no compulsorily requirements. with all these activities it develops a nostalgia in heart. I never thought I would feel this when leaving this place but i guess I now know why they say that its difficult to forget the college life !!!

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